the story of a boy and a white tiger doll


One day, a father with his two children were taking a walk in a shopping mall. They were on the way to the book store which they occasionally do on weekends. On the way through the shopping area, the kids wandered around and had a look on the various displays of the shops. Their father walked slowly behind them. Suddenly the boy ran back towards his father, grabbed him in his arm and enthustiastically shouted: “Come, come follow me dad, I found something amazing!” The boy lead the father to a store, and pointed to something. There in the middle of a huge stack of soft toys, bears, rabbits, lions and all sort of animals toys, there sat one white tiger doll.


The boy took the white tiger off the shelf and hugged it tightly. Looking at his father with his round eyes, he said, “I really like the tiger daddy, is it expensive? Can I buy him?” This is not really his habit, as the kids do not usually ask for toys except when they do plan to go for toys. The father looked at the boy and asked “Why do you want him?” “I really like his eyes. They looked so beautiful, and he is alone.” the father looked up to the shelves and it was true, the white tiger was alone. The father asked again, “And why do you think nobody bought him?” the boy said “Maybe nobody knew he was special.” The father replied “Yes maybe nobody knows that white tiger is now getting scarce in the wild too.”


After awhile they left the shop and went to the bookstore. The father promised him that if they had enough money after the books, and if the white tiger was still there, then it could be his.And it did, after he anxiously spent the time on the bookstore, he hurried himself back to the shop and saw the tiger was still waiting for him on the shelf.

The father let boy pay for the tiger and they went home. On the way home, the boy named the white tiger ‘Cyber’; short of siberian tiger. He carefully put the white tiger amongst the other toy animals, his collections, along with his sister’s that has been growing to look like a small zoo.


You see the boy is facinated with the animal world. He said that when he grew up he wanted to look after a zoo (a real zoo that is). He and his sister loves animals and looking at the way they are at the moment, they are really into and learning a lot about animals. You see the boy was only six years old.


As for his father, he thanked God for having such experience, and he silently prayed that his son’s wishes may come true. Looking after God’s creation, the father imagined, would be one of the most rewarding life experiences ever.

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