Let’s go cycling

Tomorrow I will be going on another cycling trip to some area north of Bandung.

I am very happy I take on this cycling thing. I have been doing it for around 4 months or so after watching a friend getting from places to places on bicycles with the yellow bike to work tag hanging on his bike. Cool, man! Since then I have been biking to work several times and riding to nature (as my friend Budiono called it) with my friends from the university. More people are joining in our group. A friend of mine even travelled to Bandung from Jakarta with a truckload of bicycles just for a ride here in Bandung.

Hopefully more and more people will be joining in. A great many benefits are there when more of us go cycling. For our environment of course, and our health, and the fun as well.
In the future I am hoping I could post some map of the cycling routes, some photos of the areas that we are travelling around.

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