farewell my cousin

He’s on another path now, on a different journey. It’s sad that we will not see each other again, physically…

The news came in just this morning. It was very shocking, and it just touched you really deep inside. As cousins, we are quite close. We spent a lot of our childhood holidays together. We are at the same age group – more or less. And it is quite hard to understand how he passes away already while we seem to be at the best days of our lives… looking ahead to the future.

I tried to imagine his last moments. And then a sudden realization came to me, that death is not an end, it is also a beginning. I am sure that it was a beautiful moment for him, when he stepped up and move away from this worldly realms…

I have no doubt that we all are going to miss him. Especially his parents, his wife and his two daughters. Life is not ours. It is God’s, and He will take it back anytime He see fits. It is a precious and wonderful gift, still… As life is a gift like no others. Our lives is not our own, as our lives affect others around us. So if we managed to live a good life then we honor God our Creator. As it is not ours, then we must be prepared to give it back, and be thankful.

He will live forever in our memories, as I am sure people who know him throughout all his life will fondly remember him by. Farewell Ky… Do keep us safe from up there. 

in loving memory of Hengky Wibowo, our beloved cousin.

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