[Book Review] You are Not a Gadget

You are Not a GadgetYou are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jaron Lanier (the writer) is someone who really understands the digital world. He is one of those who designs the digital world that we live in today. Yet he is one of the few (I presume) who really understand the significance and ramifications of those small things that were put in the design of the digital world. Especially in relation to us as human being. I read another book (quite a long time ago) titled The Skin of Culture. It was written by Derrick de Kerckhove. In my understanding Derrick simply stated that Design is the very skin of Culture. The design of things defines our culture, how we think, how we act, how we do things, how we interact. This statement, I believe defines the significance of things we design on our culture. We have to really understand how technology works as it may well defined who we are. I have not finished the book, but this is for me an important book.

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