‘development’ a critical view from Vandana Shiva

I heard about Vandana Shiva when I spent some time looking at Schumacher College. I got to know Schumacher College – a wonderful place of learning after I heard about Satish Kumar – through his inspiring talk : A New Story of Humanity 

This is a very interesting talk from Vandana Shiva, I think addressing a group of PermaCulture activists. She shared about our current view about the so called development – which is heavily based on purely economic and industrial values such as profits and probably only that… The impact is really devastating on our natural environment. Her story is truly frightening on what we human being are doing to our natural environment… to plants, to animals, to ecosystems. All in the name of development. She basically covered the transitions from traditional agriculture to industry or agroindustry. Without us realising it, so many things have been deeply impacted – including lifes and lifelihood of the traditional farmers. She also talks about food that should be the currency of life… Because the capitalists and industries have their stakes in it, then money becomes the currency. Because industries have to make money for the share holders. Life is no longer the priority… Again in the name of progress and developements.

This talk is the first one  from Vandana Shiva I listened to, among probably hundreds of her talks in youtube. But I like the way she explained things. Very clear and concise. And she has many of examples out of her abundance experience & knowledge of the things that she talked about to back up her thinking.

This issue should also be part of our major concerns and awareness, afterall it is the future of ourselves, our livelihood that are at stakes.

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