Holistic Education: A response to the crisis of our time

Holistic Education:  A response to the crisis of our time

Holistic Education began to emerge as a coherent philosophy in the mid-1980s and is today becoming recognized in many parts of the world as an inspiring response to the serious challenges of this age of globalization, such as violence, cultural disintegration, and ecological decline.

Bringing together the best theory and practices from diverse educational alternatives, a holistic perspective asserts that education must start by nourishing the unique potentials of every child, within overlapping contexts of family, community, society, humanity, and the natural world. Holistic education is not a fixed ideology but an open-ended attempt to embrace the complexity and wholeness of human life.

Holistic educators reject the current obsession with educational uniformity: rigid standards, relentless testing, and authoritarian control of the learning process. Holistic education is essentially a democratic education, concerned with both individual freedom and social responsibility. It is education for a culture of peace, for sustainability and ecological literacy, and for the development of humanity’s inherent morality and spirituality.

Quoted from www.pathsoflearning.net

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