human spirit needs nature

The image above somehow struck me when suddenly I realise how detached we are as human beings, as a creature of nature from its natural surroundings. We now drink bottled watter, breathe from machined air (air conditioning), and walk on artificial grass. Now at least we wear shoes and sandals day in day out, something we take for granted yet it is something that actually disconnect us from our mother earth. (see
Something that really reduces our humanity because human being really shouldn’t be disconnected from
our natural parents…

When you watch movies like the Avatar, they tell stories that we are connected to the natural world more than we realize, then you might realize that technologies and all things modern are actually moving us away from the very core of our being.

Getting in touch with nature is important, simply because human beings are part of it. If we realize that this is true, than we need to be aware that today, nearly everything that we do destroy our natural environment. We human beings have to somehow managed to save some (if not most) of the natural environment in this planet. Leaving places pristine enough for us to let us get back and find our very soul. As we are part of this world we live in. A natural world that has a spirit. And this is the same spirit that we need to live by as true human beings. So it is really our duty to protect the planet, as we need to protect ourselves…

I got this picture from Louise Smith’s Album, a friend I met on facebook. Her page Lessons of Life has been a great source of inspiration to me. And somehow we share the same hobby, mountain biking. I visit her page every now and then and without really realising it, I always try to spend time to visit her page to find some inspirations, words to life by that relate to my situation. 

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