Understanding Holism, Spirit and Spirituality

Only a few weeks ago I came across this amazing person Satish Kumar talking about Holistic Education. I posted the video (entitled Learning with Your Whole Beinghere in the Semi Palar’s website. I have just been following Satish’s thinking recently and find it very fascinating as they really resonate with my own thoughts.

The video below is about a wonderful conversation between Satish Kumar and Richard Dawkins, both of whom I find amazing people. This is in my oppinion a meeting of two worlds. Satish Kumar is more of a spiritualist, a philosopher. Richard Dawkins on the other hand, is a scientist whose thinking are in my oppinion are also brilliant.

Both to me complement each other. It is interesting to watch how Satish and Richard talk in their own world view or paradigm although somehow you can feel how Satish is one who has a strong holistic view while Richard is somehow is still tied to a mechanistic / partial worldview, which is quite common in scientists due to how they learned and are educated.

Towards the end of the video, the distinction between those two worldviews became more obvious. I myself understand Satish quite clearly. I agree with him, and Satish seemed to also understood how Richard thinks. On the other side, Richard seemed to find it difficult to accept Satish’s worldview.
For me this is an illustration of the challenge of the so called global mindshift, that I – agreeing with Satish need to be moving from the mechanistic toward a natural – holistic worldview.

Satish closed the discussion with the importance of openmindedness – of humility especially in the scientific world. And that also, I totally agree…

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